Building characteristics

The prefabricated poultry buildings can be used for broilers, breeders, pullets, turkeys or caged systems. This style building has also been designed for use as warehouses and churches. INDIV buildings will maximize the efficiency of your tunnel ventilation system with their quality insulation and tight seal.

Each building is custom designed based on the region where it will be erected. Wind ratings, snow loads, and seismic zones are taken into account for each project.

Technicians are available to be on the job site and supervise the local construction crew on the erection of the building.


Standard features** include:

  • Straight leg trusses on 10' centers
  • McGirt or wood purlins on 36" centers
  • 29 gauge metal for roof, end walls and side walls

** Other designs available on request

Other available options:

  • Service room
  • Buildings up to 66' wide
  • Open sidewall buildings

Drop ceiling framing, if desired. The drop ceiling can be installed with either Tri-Ply material and blown cellulose or fiberglass, or with reflective foil insulation material. (+ info)


Personnel and service doors will be sized and configured to your specifications.


Fan framing is based on the number and size of fans for your project.