Galvanized System


Building characteristics

The structure calculation verifies its weight, the component charges that are installed in its interior and a wind speed that it is not faster than 130 km/h.

INDIV standard metallic structure, includes trusses of two legs and purlins, made of first quality galvanized laminated sheets and black iron galvanized by immersion.

The roof cover is provided in a sinusoidal or trapezoidal sheet, made of steel CINCALUM No 27 as in each one of the fronts.

The accesories for the installation of extractors, evaporative panels and other supplementary items are provided as part of the structure.


Standard features** include:

  • Total Width: 12.72 m - 14 m - 16 m
  • Sides height: 2.30 m
  • Ridgepole height: according to the width
  • Distance between the trusses: 6 m
  • Roof slope: 20 %

** They are also made in special sizes.