Van Gent Nesting Systems

The last generation in automatic community nests for breeding hens, broiler breeders and laying free-range system.

  • Automatic Community Van Gent® Nests are identified for their simplicity and high quality. They are suitable for egg position for incubation as well as consumption.
  • The success concept of Van Gent® Nests is the result of years of practice and constant innovation.
    The nests are build with first class wooden plates, plywood on both sides, ensuring its easy cleaning and long useful life.
  • Their modular design as much as their simple and stable construction make assembly quick and easy.
  • A mechanical timer activates the eject system. The expulsion system makes the hens leave their nests and closes at the end of the day, avoiding dirty nests and broody hens. The result: Clean eggs are obtained.
  • With the exclusive dual system of expulsion grids, the entire area of the nest can be used and it results in a familiar and confortable ambient. The artificial turf carpet “Astro-Turf” has perforations that keep the nests free of dust and dirt.
    The comfortable climate of the nest allows the birds to feel good and comfortable to lay the eggs.
  • The eggs roll out of the artificial turf carpet to the conveyor belt. The way the eggs move has been carefully designed to prevent breakage.
  • The nest offers two separate conveyor belts, 25cm wide each, this makes the egg roll less, limiting to a minimum the possibility of broken eggs. The tapes are made of polypropylene (PP), fabric or perforated.
  • The roof of the nest is articulated. One part, is for the inspection of the nest. The other part, can be removed to inspect the conveyor belt. This sector functions as a tunnel: It prevents the formation of air currents inside the nest and also maintains the tape free of particles and dust that can dirt the eggs and the belt.

Hardwood Slats

Top quality, durable and easy to install hardwood slats. The wood is planed on the four sides, it has rounded corners and the slats are built with stainless steel clamps.

The structure that support the slats can be made of wood or galvanized steel. Available in 1.20 m  x 1.00 m with a slat opening of 25 or 20 mm. Class 1 durability.

Plastic Slats

Latticed structure provides a good grip for birds and excellent filtration.
The slats are made from UV stabilized polypropylene making them durable and easy to clean.
They are available in standard size: 0.98 m x 0.625 m or larger size of 1.17 x 0.625 m.
The slats are easy to stack, ensuring little space perfect for transportation.

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