Plastic Poultry Flooring

Our Newest Slat Design with Bio-Secure Features!



  • Prevents litter buildup on supports for a more sanitary environment
  • Specially designed surface allows for easy manure passage and protects bird’s feet
  • Corrosion and bacteria resistant for healthier birds
  • Easy to install and clean (installs on wood or rail)
  • Suitable for cage-free layer houses
  • The heavy-duty design is rated for up to *250lbs of static weight per 1/4 section, in fully attached/fastened state, with both ends and center support (Does not include running or jumping on slats, or improper use, which would void any warranty or guarantee).
  • Size: 2’ tall x 4’ wide.
  • Weighs: 6.68


For applications requiring additional weight capacity or metal frame appli-cations, we suggest using the Super Heavy Duty Sani-Slat. Available in Tan color only.

SANI-SLAT stays clean longer.

Photo taken after 2 months use.

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