The TURBOPLUS 2® complementary pan is inserted between the automated pans.

SPlacement of the feeder is recommended for chicks from day 1 through day 12, when birds reach the size that allows feeding from the automated pan.

The design – narrow and rounded in its front profile – creates a usable 100-cm perimeter, 20 % larger than a circular model, which allows a density of between 75 and 100 birds.

Key benefits

  • The best starter feeder for transition to an automated pan.
  • Birds feed more comfortably and consume more feed.
  • Increased live weight at first week of age (>10 g).
  • Live weight increase, of 1.5 to 3%, at the end of the flock cycle.
  • Low feed waste.
  • Improves feed conversion.
  • Improves uniformity.
  • High sanitary level because birds do not feed from the ground and feed does not become contaminated.
  • Adequate 360-degree feed distribution.
  • Excellent feed accessibility.
  • Fast assembly and disassembly.
  • Easy to wash and store.

Design characteristics



Feeder for TURBOGROW2® pans



For any type of metal tube.

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