Traditional design feeder with proven results. Easy to manage from start to finish. 

  • The MaxClassic® feed pan has a traditional classic design with a
    13” diameter and is available with a 14 spoke grill or a 10 spoke
  • Rim-to-floor pan height allows the chicks easy access to
    the feed
  • For brooding, the pan is flat on the floor with the feed flow height within the pan, allowing birds to consume without wasting or spilling feed on the  floor.
  • With quality being our goal, the design of the MaxClassic® feeder is manufactured from high quality plastics, which ensures years of trouble-free  use.
  • The pan has different feed level settings. Choose your desired feed level with just a simple twist of the feed level selector.
  • Feed windows: when the pan rests on the ground, the 3 windows open automatically and fill the pan.
  • With the slide-on cone top, the pans areeasy to install and remove for cleaning. The grill may be attached to the pan with zip ties for cleaning.
  • Easy assembly
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