Eggs cargo system ECS

EggsCargoSystem® developed by Twinpack Special Products® has been intelligently designed for optimum protection of eggs during transport.

The EggsCargoSystem® contains a specific plastic pallet, a special plastic divider (layers) to separate the stacks and smart designed plastic egg trays (flats) for optimal egg protection.

Unique selling points

Manufactured from the highest quality raw material in the market.
All Eggs Cargo Systems items trays contain UV-stabilization; this improves durability of the tray substancially.
Recognized very long cycle life.
Available in almost all RAL-colours.
For identification can be provided with an inscription (free of charge).
The production of all ECS® items take place in one factory, so there is always a final check on the compatibility between trays, dividers and pallets.

Eggs cargo tray

  • Special nocks on the board contributing perfect denesting.
  • Proven < 3% crack on eggs.

Eggs cargo pallet

Heavy duty Eggs Cargo pallet.
Perfectly closed feet for maximum hygiene and protection.
RFID microchip inside the pallet for digital tracking & tracing.

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