Drinker Systems


If you are looking for excellent yields in your broilers, dry beds and drinkers designed specifically for the way the birds drink, you need Ziggity Max3 drinkers.

Lot after lot, the results show that Ziggity Max3 drinkers produce not only good, but exceptional yields:  bird weight, feed conversion, viability and discards.

This occurs because the Max3 drinkers are designed to deliver all the water that the birds need in a hygienic way, to develop and stay healthy.

Unlike other products, Max3 drinkers do not discharge excess water avoiding wet beds and problems such as pruning dermatitis, since ultimately, the drinker delivers the amount of water the bird owes and can drink.


In face-to-face, one-on-one field comparisons, the Max3 drinkers have achieved the best yields, even in production operations of high live weight birds. In addition, because the bed remains dry, the costs of ventilation and heating are much lower.


High income, lower costs, higher profits.


We know that even a small improvement in the productive performance of your birds can have a significant effect on your profits. The Max3 drinkers are the top range drinkers in yields, which achieve that difference, thanks to their advanced design and technology.


A - Galvanized Support Tube
The Ziggity circular profile support tube provides maximum strength and stability to reduce the oscillation of the drinker line.

B - Ace tube
Made of durable plastic material, this tube is cost-effective and highly resistant to chemicals and UV rays.
The inside of the tube has virtually zero obstructions for effective rinsing.

C - Big Ace large diameter tube
This is the largest diameter tube used in the industry, with virtually no obstructions possible, for a more effective rinse.

Drinkers Max 3

Available in two models:

  • Max 3 TL drinkers for double lock Ziggity systems.
  • Max 3 Aktive drinking fountains for single-lock or J-Lock systems.

Both drinking fountains are easy to install and are made with high quality components.

As an added guarantee, the Max3 nipple drinkers have a 10-year prorated factory warranty.

Benefits of the Max3 Drinker

  • Pin with concave drive head that provides very simple activation for birds.
  • Components made of corrosion resistant stainless steel for longer life.
  • Hardened stainless steel inserts that help prevent premature wear of the drinking fountain.
  • Our floor drinking systems for birds use the exclusive Ziggity Max3 drinkers.
  • With its advanced technology components, birds get all the water they need without spills, at every stage of their growth.
  • The intrusion of the saddle in the line pipe is minimal, ensuring very good water flow during normal operations and in rinses.

It delivers high volumes of water at the low pressure required for water without spillage. Its valve incorporated into the body of the regulator, facilitates the removal of sediments, biofilm and air.

Solenoid Regulator
For systems with automatic and care free rinsing. Requires connection to a controller or timer with 24VAC output.

Slope Neutralizer
It reduces the pressure caused by the drop in a preset range, does not require adjustment and maintains the system pressure setting, even when the birds are not drinking. Only in warehouses with slope or slope.

Final assembly
Our final assemblies automatically open during the rinsing phases, achieving simple and effective rinsing with minimal operating effort.

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