ZIGGITY Drinker Systems

An important tool that helps producers to achieve excellent yields.


The stainless steel triple-seal no-drip system contributes to keeping little or no water in the litter bed, significantly reducing ammonia, odors and flies.

The height adjustable system allows elevating drinkers as birds grow by positioning itself properly and with no water spill.

To simplify the producer’s labor, an optional multiple level system raises or lowers drinkers simultaneously.

The automated flushing device incorporated in the high-pressure discharge system makes washing of watering lines fast, easy and efficient way to keep lines clean.

Technology makes a difference

  • Increased dynamic flow

  • Improves birds health

  • Better Conversion

  • Heavier and more uniform chickens

  • Designed for effective washing

  • Stainless steel triple-seal no-drip design

  • Dry bed and increased sanitary conditions

  • Easy handling and control

  • Automated flushing

  • Operates with uneven floors

  • Easy and practical mounting

  • Reduces mortality

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel components