Coop for chick transportation


The strong, high density polyethylene used in the manufacturing of our paperless non-divided chick boxes, provides rigid, impact resistant walls.

The design prevents the side walls from bulging in hot weather, thus preventing baby chicks from escaping.

The design permits ample ventilation, helping to reduce mortality rates.

INDIV’s chick box weighs only 3 pounds. Molded handles on each end allow for easier handling in and around the hatchery and broiler house.

Our chick box allows for transportation of the maximum number of birds per cubic feet, efficiently and safely.

When not in use, they simply nest inside each other to save valuable storage space.

They are easy to clean, and are resistant to damage if dropped or stepped on. They will not absorb moisture, dirt, chick litter or odors.

INDIV’s chick boxes will last for years with practically no maintenance.


  • Dimensions:
    • Inches: 25 9/16” L x 19 9/16” W x 6 1/16” H.
    • Centimeters: 65.9 cm x 49.7 cm x 15.4 cm.
  • Weight: 3 pounds (1.36 Kgs).
  • Protect chicks in transit.
  • Provides easier, lower-cost bird handling, increasing the profitability of your entire operation. /indivsa