An investment with inmediate profits

Appropriate air conditioning in the houses means more comfort and less stress created by extreme temperatures or lack of ventilation.

The result: an immediate increase in the profitability due to proper feeding conversion.

INDIV provides engineering, equipment and installation air ventilation systems for poultry and swine buildings:

  • Extractor fans.
  • Evaporative pads cooling systems.
  • Manual or automatic curtain systems and windows.
  • Fogging system for cooling.
  • Infrared panels, radiant tube heaters or turbo heater.
  • ROTEM Controllers. Operated from the PC the system provides automatic temperature and humidity control inside the building.
  • Thermal insulation of the building ceiling.

Tunnel-type ventilation and static pressure

The Static Pressure is the pressure difference between the pressure inside the house and the atmospheric pressure outside the house.

This is normally known as vacuum and in practice it is noticed, for example, in the resistance offered by the houses’ door when opened while the extractors are in operation.

When the appropriate negative pressure is achieved, the external clean air enters the house displacing the stale air to the outside.

Therefore, working with negative pressure is the most efficient way to achieve the necessary air renewal to obtain a clean environment and appropriate conditions for the animal.

The advantages of controlling static pressure

  • Lower energy costs.
  • Improved air conditions (temperature, moisture, quality) for the animal and the worker.
  • Improved air mixing and distribution avoiding temperature gradients.
  • Improvement of animal performance due to comfort conditions and an adequate environment.

Care to be taken in houses to achieve optimal results

  • Check and cover all air leaks in curtains, extractors, air intakes, and others.
  • Use airtight doors.
  • Make sure that the extractors’ shutters close properly.
  • The same applies for air intakes.
  • Use all the necessary elements to improve the tightness of the house.

Warm climates

In warm climates, an adequate Static Pressure allows achieving the necessary air renewal and enough air speed to create a proper thermal sensation for offering a greater comfort for the animals.

ventilation-warm-climates-1 ventilation-warm-climates-diagram-1

Cold climates

In cold climates, the Static Pressure ensures the entrance of air into the house at an adequate speed to reach the roof ridge, where it mixes with the hot air of the house. In this way, the air is heated and dried, creating suitable conditions for the animals.

ventilation-cold-climates-1 ventilation-cold-climates-diagram-1
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