For more than 50 years, INDIV – International Division, Inc. – has exported first-quality poultry farming equipment, while providing premium service and state-of-the-art technology for global customers in nutritionally balanced food plants, poultry and swine farms.

Although INDIV was founded in 1964, the company's roots trace back to 1898. From the beginning, INDIV has scouted professionals with advanced expertise in poultry farming business and international relations.

In the year 2000, INDIV started manufacturing automatic drinkers for poultry farms in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.

Then, in the year 2002, the company added the production of automatic pan feeders, and subsequently the production of the entire system, together with the development of a global distribution center.

In February 2005, Giordano Poultry Plast and International Division, together with Indiv's subsidiary in Mexico, started producing Piedmont coops for commercialization in Mexico and Central and South America.

In that same year, a decision was taken to acquire the Poly Koop brand and their plastic injection molds to handle the production of an additional line of coops, for transporting live chickens, which have been exported to the entire American continent.

The coops are produced in San Juan del Río, Querétaro, Mexico.

Our expertise, acquired over almost a half century has allowed us to also become specialists in procedures, which puts us in an ideal position to coordinate the support of a solid group of equipment suppliers and complimentary systems, which complement our own production.

Many customers from over the years have trusted INDIV to help them achieve success in the own companies.

INDIV represents other trustworthy equipment manufacturing companies from the USA and other countries, all of whom recognize INDIV's goal to be the principal contractor for turn-key integral operations. With their services and technical solutions, they complement all of the productive processes and required controls, sharing with INDIV the same passion for excellence and quality.

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